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  1. Nonstatutory Volunteer Coverage Application
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  6. Release and waiver of liability

    The undersigned acknowledges and agrees as follows

    A. The undersigned has offered to provide certain work or services to the Member and the status of the undersigned while performing such work or services is that of a nonstatutory volunteer (hereinafter “volunteer").

    B. The volunteer is not considered an employee of the Member and is not entitled to any benefits under the Iowa Compensation Law for injury incurred while providing work or services regardless of the cause of the injury.

    C. The Member has purchased a limited amount of excess coverage insurance to cover any medical expenses Incurred by the volunteer as a result of Injury Incurred while the volunteer is providing such work or services, and the payment of these medical expenses is to be made In accordance with the terms of the Description of Benefits set out In this application.

    D. The volunteer specifically waives the right to any other benefits, reimbursements or damages as a result of injuries which the volunteer may incur while providing such work or services.

    E. The volunteer specifically releases, waives and covenants not to sue the Member and or IMWCA for injury or death caused by the negligence of other volunteers or of officers, agent representatives or employees of the Member which may occur while the volunteer Is I performing such work or services for the Member.

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