How do I get to the Youth Center?
The Youth Center is located at 5050 Doanes Park Road in Pleasant Hill. The building is in Doanes Park and is located in the northeast corner of the park.

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1. Are candles allowed inside the youth center?
2. Are kitchen utensils and cookware provided, such as plates, forks, spoons, knives, pots, or pans?
3. Are the tables and chairs included in the rental amount?
4. Can I get a tour of the facility?
5. Can I take tables and chairs out of the building?
6. Do I need to clean up the room when I am done?
7. How do I get to the Youth Center?
8. If I rent the Youth Center, can I get in early to set up?
9. What are your regulations regarding alcohol?
10. What happens if I forget the key?
11. What kind of audio / visual equipment do you have?
12. What number do I call after business hours for assistance?
13. What size are your tables?
14. What time can I get into the building?
15. Is parking at the Youth Center guaranteed?