How do I initiate Yard Waste collection?


Before we know it, spring will have officially started, and with spring comes plenty of yard work! Luckily, curbside yard waste collection for twigs and branches, weeds, and lawn clippings begins soon.

There are a variety of ways to easily get your yard waste collected curbside.

Option 1: bags and stickers

Yard waste can be placed in Compost it! bags or store-brand bags with a green Compost It! sticker attached. Bags and stickers are sold at many local grocery, home improvement, and convenience stores.

Option 2: cart service

If you are setting out several Compost It! bags each week, you might find a Compost It! cart to be a better option. The 96-gallon cart can hold equivalent to three yard waste bags.

The Compost It! cart is run as a subscription service. If you’re a new customer, you pay a one-time fee for the cart itself plus the annual sticker. Once you have a Compost It! cart, you just pay to renew your sticker each year.

To request a cart or renew your sticker, visit

New carts with the sticker are delivered within 10 business days, and renewed stickers are mailed by early March so you can replace it on the lid of your existing cart before yard waste season officially begins!

Yard waste season begins the first Wednesday in April

Curbside yard waste collection resumes the first Wednesday in April. For collection, you should place yard waste at the curb with stickers, or in bags or carts, on your regular collection day. Make sure you have it out before 6 AM, as some haulers get started before the sun rises!

Learn more about the Compost It! program and what’s accepted by visiting, or call 515.244.0021.

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1. How do I initiate Yard Waste collection?
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