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Posted on: April 3, 2018

Compost It! season has begun

yard waste collection

The 2018 Metro Waste Authority Compost it! season has begun in Pleasant Hill and will continue every Wednesday through November 28. Yard waste includes materials such as grass clippings, leaves, brush, and garden waste. If you are using the program for the first time, or need a spring refresher, here is the information you need for a successful start to yard waste season.

Bag & Sticker Program 

Compost It! Bags
The cost of the Compost It! brand bag covers the cost of collection, no sticker is required. Do not exceed 40 lbs. per bag. Compost It! stickers should also be attached to brush bundles. Bundles cannot exceed 18 inches in diameter or four feet in length.

Store-Brand Bag + Compost It! Sticker
A Compost It! sticker must be attached to a generic or store-brand bag. The sticker cost covers the cost of collection. Be sure to face the sticker toward the street so the hauler can see it.

Store-Brand Bag + Compost It! Sticker

A Compost It! cart has wheels, just like your Curb It! cart. Simply roll it to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three-yard waste bags, but you can always use the Bags & Sticker program if your yard waste exceeds the cart's capacity.

Purchase Bags, Stickers & Cart Subscriptions 

The cost of the Compost It! bag, sticker, and annual cart subscription cover the cost of collection and processing the material.

Compost It! Bags 
$8 for a bundle of five ($1.60 per bag). Sold at many grocery and hardware stores.

Compost It! Stickers 
$1.25 per sticker. Sold at City Hall and Pleasant Hill Hy-Vee. Click here for a full list of where they are sold.

Compost It! Cart 
If you regularly have a lot of yard waste, a Compost It! the cart could be the convenient solution for you. The cart is 96-gallons and can hold the equivalent of three-yard waste bags. The cost is $105 annual renewal fee; $130 for cart purchase/start-up fee. To enroll, call City Hall at 515-262-9368, or renew at

For more information, including a how-to video, visit or call 515-244-0021.

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