Parks in Progress


The City of Pleasant Hill has multiple new, and exciting park projects underway! Please pardon our mess as we make progress in the parks!

  • Hickory Glen Park Pavilion
  • Meacham Place Park (Phase 1)
  • Doanes Park Splash Pad
  • Doanes Park Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Copper Creek Lake Park 'Smart Park' Features
  • Youngstown Trail Phase 3
  • Doanes Park LED Light Conversion
  • Doanes Park Field 4 Improvements
  • Phoenix Sculpture/Gate Sculpture Lighting
  • Doanes Park Grant Stage Repairs

Hickory Glen Park Pavilion (Spring 2023)

Project Update 3/2/23: 

  • Framing is underway; siding and roofing will follow
  • Estimated project completion date: May 2023

Hickory Glen Park is Pleasant Hill's newest and largest city park with over 70 acres of total park land. The park pavilion will provide a place to rest and observe the beauty of the park, and will include ample (accessible seating) for sports field spectators and future splash pad users.

Pleasant Hill Park Building Back Render
Hickory Glen Park Pavilion Construction

Meacham Place Park (Phase I)

Project Update 3/2/23: 

  • Bid awarded for first phase
  • Estimated project completion date: October 1, 2023

Planning is still in the works, but Meacham Place Park on East Oakwood Drive, will be a wonderful neighborhood park addition, including walking trails, sport courts, and an eventual shelter.

Meacham Place Park Concept

Doanes Park Splash Pad (Summer 2023)

The first splash pad in Pleasant Hill will be open next summer at Doanes Park. This water play space will include a number of spray features, as well as ample shade structures.


Doanes Park Tennis Court Resurfacing (Spring 2023)

Project Update 2/10/23:

  • Additional CIP funds were made available (through a Polk County grant for field 4 repairs) and Pickleball court conversion has been included as an additional project item
  • Estimated project timeline: May 2023

Doanes Park tennis courts are scheduled to be resurfaced in spring of 2023, work will include preparing the existing court surface, power washing, repairing cracks, leveling depressions, new striping, and conversion of one tennis court into two stand-alone pickleball courts.

Doanes Court Conversion for Pickleball

Smart Park Features (Spring 2023)

The City supports innovative park practices and application for grants that incorporate technology for the betterment of the community.

Facebook Data Center awarded Pleasant Hill Parks and Recreation with a Community Action Grant for ‘Smart Park’ features, including a solar charging station bench as well as a solar leaf light to be installed at Copper Creek Lake Park.


Youngstown Trail Phase 3 (Spring 2023)

This phase of Youngstown Trail has been aligned with the Pine Valley development, and will extend the trail from East Oakwood Drive to Southeast 6th Avenue.

Project Update 10/10/22:

Crews will be starting tree clearing the week of October 10th. Grading operations will continue after clearing and grubbing. This is to notify everyone if any issues or questions arise to please reach out to the following:

Alliance Construction Group LLC (General Contractor)
Ryan McKinney (Project Manager) 515-556-0778
Snyder and Associates (Observation and City Engineer)
Alan Walker (Observer) 515-205-0287
Brandon Niebuhr (Engineer) 515-964-2020


Doanes Park Field 4 Improvements

Project Update: Completed. The infield surface has been update and will provide a safer surface for our youngest baseball players. The Field 4 batting cage has also been renovated to provide the safest conditions for all players.

The Pleasant Hill Little League serves approximately 350 players that utilize the Doanes Park fields as their home fields each year. The conditions at Field 4 in Doanes Park currently pose a safety hazard to players and community users.

With grant funds from the Polk County Community Betterment program, this area will be enhanced for youth baseball to make the space safe and functional for baseball programs and the entire community.

Doanes Park Field 4 Update
Doanes Park Field 4 Update