Public Safety Facility


Over the last few years, the City Council has steadily been working on the long-term space needs of all of the City’s public facilities, which was examined by the council nearly 8 years ago.  During that process, the construction of a new public safety facility was identified as a critical and urgent need for prioritization.  The City has completed a space needs analysis along with a location study for a building to house the Police Department and to serve as a future auxiliary fire and EMS response station.  An appointed committee of citizens, business representatives, and public safety experts have been working for many months to review the needs and opportunities for the facility and has now asked the Council to move forward as quickly as possible.  A land agreement has been approved with All Points Development that has secured a well-suited location.  The future public safety facility will be located in an area west of 70th Street and along an upcoming extension to Meacham Drive.  

Space Needs Studies

This first space needs study was conducted eight years ago. It was then that data showed a lack of space for the Police and Fire Departments.

City Council contracted Shive Hattery to conduct an updated space needs study. Their study found, "The police department is severely suffering from lack of adequate space for various functions. There are liability risks to the city based on safety of staff and public with respect to how the facility is impacting the department’s ability to provide services."

Read the full Shive Hattery Space Needs Study (PDF)

Take a brief tour of the Police Department below:

View the Pleasant Hill Fire Department and how they respond to a water rescue below:

Public Safety Facility Advisory Committee

City Council created a Public Safety Facility Advisory Committee in Spring 2018 to evaluate the current facilities, department operations, and City finances to make a recommendation for how to move forward to City Council. After four months, they made their recommendation to City Council to proceed with building a new public safety facility using the fastest process available to them.

Public Safety Facility Advisory Committee Member:

Amber Battani
Bret Braafhart
Kristi Catrenich
Jimmy Grimes
Dirk Halupnik
Kenny Hodges
Pat Hoye
Mark Konrad
Len Murray
Tammie Palazzo
Jamie Xayavong
Public Safety Advisory Committee

Where should the Public Safety Facility be built?

Confluence Architecture and Design was hired to answer this question. The answer is along a new extension of Meacham Drive in an area west of 70th Street. Police Officers patrol from their vehicles and not the Police station, meaning response times will not change. However, the new location will allow for future auxiliary space for an additional apparatus bay for the Fire Department, which will reduce response times for their service area. The study found this location will provide easy and direct access to major roadways with secondary access points. Additionally, the benefits of having two separate public safety facilities include access public safety operations even if one is compromised.

Read the full location study (PDF)

This location will include an extension of Meacham Drive, a key component of the City's Comprehensive Plan. It will provide an alternative route to E University Avenue to local traffic and will provide additional infrastructure to help continue economic development of University Avenue Corridor by opening nearly 50 acres of commercial property.

Public Safety Building Map