Housing Study

Pleasant Hill retained an economist with Portland, Oregon based Leland Consulting Group to perform a Housing Market Analysis and Strategy report to provide the development community with very specific data about our future housing needs. The City understands the relationship between offering diverse housing options and its broader economic goals and offer these three important takeaways from the report:

  1. Pleasant Hill has an extremely low apartment vacancy rate of 3.3%.  This is the second lowest in the metro and is creating a barrier for new renters to move to our City.
  2. We have significant gaps in available single-family housing under $260k and between $270k-$450K.
  3. Nearly 14,000 residential units are needed over the next ten years within a 6-mile radius of Pleasant Hill.  Pleasant Hill has the market capacity to absorb 1,900 of those units that include apartments, attached ownership, and single-family.