Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are defined in Chapter 152 of the City Code as ‘any body of water which has a minimum depth of 18 inches or more in an artificial or semi-artificial receptacle of permanent construction.’  The material used for lining swimming pools is to be waterproof, providing a tight tank, with smooth and easily cleaned surfaces.  Sand or dirt bottoms are prohibited.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure their project meets Homeowners Association, Restrictive or Protective Covenants, and their Homeowner's Insurance Policy requirements, as these regulations can be stricter than city ordinances.  


A building permit is required for construction, installation, alteration, addition or remodeling of any pool.    Permits should be accompanied by a sketch showing the proposed location of the pool; distances from lot lines, primary structure and deck; existing sheds; pool dimensions; pool enclosure and easements.  Electrical, Plumbing, and Fence permits are may be needed depending on project details.  Permit prices for in-ground pools are based on a square footage valuation and above ground pools have a flat $50 fee.


Pools can only be constructed in rear yards.  Corner lots have streets bordering more than one side of the lot, giving the lot multiple front yards (frontages).  Front yard regulations apply to each street side of the corner lot. All pools, regardless of size, are to be built outside of any easements, with a minimum distance of 4ft. from any lot lines and 4ft. from the primary structure.

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Corner Lot Yard Locations

Deck Site Plan 1

Standard Lot Yard Locations

Standard Lot Yards Color

Enclosures and Fencing

All pools are required to be completely surrounded by a fence or meet the barrier requirements as identified in the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.  Homeowner’s Insurance may have stricter and/or additional requirements regarding pool fencing. 

Pool fencing must be built to the following standards:

  • Minimum 54 inches in height
  • At least 4ft from each side of the pool
  • Distance between posts of 10ft or less
  • Non-climbable and designed to be inaccessible to small children
  • Self-closing and self-latching gates and/or doors with a locking mechanism to keep access secure when the pool is not in use.

If the back yard where the pool is located has an existing perimeter fence which meets all the requirements listed above, an additional fence around the pool is optional. 

Pool Enclosure Requirements

Pool Details


Pleasant Hill has adopted and is enforcing an Illicit Discharge to Storm Sewer System ordinance, Chapter 101.  Discharging chlorinated pool and spa water to a storm sewer without following water quality recommendations is considered an illegal discharge, and regulated under the City stormwater permit.