Local Option Sales and Services Tax

What is the Local Option?

As outlined by Iowa law, local communities are able to pass a 1 cent Local Option Sales and Services Tax. Today, nearly 93% of Iowa communities have an existing Local Option that is paid at retail establishments across the state - both by those who live in the community and those visiting. Currently, Polk County and Johnson County are the only counties without the Local Option.

When do I vote?

A special election will be held Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Any eligible voter in Pleasant Hill may participate in this election. To vote by absentee ballot, complete the absentee ballot request form at the Polk County Auditor's website and mail to the Polk County Election Office at 120 2nd Ave Suite A, Des Moines IA 50309. A notice of election and list of polling places may be found at the Polk County Auditor's website.

How much revenue would be generated?

It is estimated that $1.4 million would be received by Pleasant Hill.

What would the revenue be used for? 

Pleasant Hill has capital improvement projects based on the Comprehensive Plan adopted in November 2015 and the 2017 Public Facilities Assessment. These plans help address our community's growing needs.