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Friday, October 14 - Pleasant Hill Police Department

The Pleasant Hill Police Department proudly serves the community and ensures those within the community are keep safe. The mission of the Pleasant Hill Police Department is to work cooperatively with the residents and within the framework of the constitution to keep people safe, protect their property, solve problems, and improve the quality of life for all. The services of the department will be delivered professionally and with integrity reflecting the values of the City of Pleasant Hill.

If you have had interactions with the Police Department, you may have had the privilege to meet Captain Amy Kramer. She began as an officer in 1999 – 17 years ago! Over the years, she has seen significant growth and changes within the City. The population back then was around 4,300 and Fridley Theatre was just being constructed. The Copper Creek neighborhood had just begun expanding and developments east of the bypass did not exist. Wow, how things have changed! Kramer has watched the City grow and leadership change over the years. She has served under Mayor Hildebrand, Langerud, Dively, Richardson and Kurovski. And when she first began, Mike Daspit was the City Manager. 

Officer Kramer and Officer Zimmerman

Kramer and Zimmerman
During her first few years of employment, the City rapidly grew and new homes and streets were developed almost overnight. The City’s population is 9,300 – double since Kramer began with the Police Department, but the community has maintained a small-town feel. She was hired to replace the first female Officer Jean Anderson after she retired. Kramer proudly wears her badge number as Jean did during her 41-years of service. Sharing the same badge number is extremely special to Kramer. 

The department has changed a lot since Jean patrolled the streets and took calls. Currently there are four female officers and two female reserve officers on the force. One of the officers within the department is now on the Metro STAR (Special Tactics and Response) team, which is a great advantage to our City and helps maintain the highest level of safety and training within the department.

Jean Anderson retired after 41 years of service

Jean Anderson

Chief Ron Babb giving Jean Anderson a plaque for her 41 years of service

Chief Ron Babb and Jean Anderson

Officer Tom Wilson, he retired in 2007

Tom Wilson
When Kramer first began the department had a K9, but several years ago he retired. In the near future, we hope to reinstate the K9 and task force programs we once participated in when Kramer was a “young” officer. These programs went away several years ago due to the demands of the 18 patrol officers we have today. Chief Pizzano and Captain Amy Kramer work closely with officers to ensure they are equipped with appropriate training and as a department, we continue building upon the services we provide to our residents. It is extremely important to combat the crime trends we see in our community to ensure residents receive the highest quality of life they are used to. 

The Police Department has expanded their responsibilities throughout the years including officers at Southeast Polk Junior and Senior High Schools. The collaboration between the Pleasant Hill Police Department and Southeast Polk Community School District is an important step in maintaining school safety. Having law enforcement officers involved with schools is an example of community policing. Community policing utilizes the assistance of community members for identifying and prioritizing problems and developing solutions. School Resource Officer’s (SRO) provide a community partnership to create a setting that is safe and secure, with a focus on prevention and early intervention activities. Educational resources have also been expanded for our youth in prevention counseling due to the implementation of these SRO’s.

Captain Kramer did not grow up in the Des Moines metro area so she was not familiar with the City when she first applied. A day before her interview, she came to Pleasant Hill and drove around to get a feel for the community. During her drive she realized this was going to be like home. You see, Kramer grew up in a very small community and as she drove around Pleasant Hill, it just felt like the small town community she was used to.

A few fun facts about the Police Department during Kramer’s employment.
  • There were 11 officers within the department in 1999. A few of those include Chief Ron Babb, Lt. Tom Wilson, Sgt. Tim Spurgeon, Sgt. Dennis Sorensen, Officer John Britt, Officer Vern Atteberry, Officer Jerry Lannon, and Officer Joel Huggins. 
  • In 1999, officers worked five days on two days off. 
  • The department received an estimated 2,200 calls for service in 1999. As of September 1, 2016, the department has received 10,848 calls for service. This is a 393 percent increase within the last 17 years.
  • In 2001, the department pulled a case number for all calls for service. More recently not all calls for service generate a case number – now they are documented by an incident report on the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, which eliminates the need for paper reports. The number of calls for service is estimated to reach 17,000 at the end of 2016. 
While the number of calls for service continue to increase, the Police Department still maintains core values to ensure situations are handled effectively and efficiently while resident’s protection remains the highest priority. 

Pleasant Hill Police Department and Fire and Rescue Department in the early 70's

Pleasant Hill Fire and Rescue_early 70s

Pleasant Hill Police Department in the mid-70's

Police Dept_mid 70s

Pleasant Hill Police Department in 2009

Police Department_2009