Community Development Department

Thursday, October 13 - Building Department

The City of Pleasant Hill has seen significant growth since Larry Workman was hired 18 years ago as the Public Works Supervisor. During Larry’s first year, 75 percent of his time was spent on construction inspections due to the housing boom and the City’s growth.Then in June 2003, Larry was transferred to the Community Development Department as a full-time construction inspector, but continued to assist the Public Works Department during snow events.

Since June 29, 1998, there have been five Mayors and the population of the City has doubled to around 9,300. Housing isn’t the only thing that has expanded in Pleasant Hill; Larry has inspected four new retirement homes and 12 apartment buildings. Development can be seen throughout the City, especially east as the city’s boundaries extend to East 88th Street. Just imagine what the City will look like 18 years from now! 

New attractions within the City have certainly helped bring in residents. Within the past 18 years, a new bowling alley, ski area, golf course, restaurants, and businesses have been added. This year, Great Escape expanded their building with a VIP bowling area and a new restaurant called ‘Social Eats & Crafts’ and Copper Creek Golf Course added a restaurant called ‘The Bunker.’ Metro East is now full and Dee Zee, Inc. has expanded their operation by adding a new building. Many great things are happening and Larry has certainly been excited to see them come to fruition. It is a sense of accomplishment when the buildings or additions are complete and pass final inspection.

While things are expanding within the City, Southeast Polk Community School District has also added a few new things including a new high school building, tennis courts and a cross country track.  

SEP High School pool during construction

SEP Swimming Pool

SEP High School during construction

SE Polk High School (2)
An exciting piece of history you may not be aware of – Copper Creek Lake Park was once an old gravel pit. It was enlarged and turned into a beautiful lake that residents enjoy today! As the City continues to grow, so does the trail system and connectivity. We want residents to enjoy the trails from their home to our fantastic City parks. 

Larry’s favorite attraction in Pleasant Hill is Doanes Park, which is 43-acres and our City’s oldest park. Throughout Larry’s employment he has seen many improvements to Doanes because of the visions Dave Peterson, Heath Ellis, and Rick Courcier had for the park. Many new items have been added for visitors and resident to enjoy. Larry’s family has enjoyed sledding, ice skating, camping, picnicking, playing on the playground equipment, baseball, volleyball, and walking and jogging in the park. 

A fun fact about Larry…For the past nine years, Larry and his wife have been taking their dog “Tank” for walks at Doanes. Like many other dogs, Tank enjoys going into the woods and almost always comes out with a baseball or tennis ball. After retrieving the ball, he thinks it is playtime and encourages Larry and his wife to play ‘fetch.’ Although Tank has given away many balls, the photo below proudly shows tank with three tubs of balls he has found. Look at the smile on his face! The next time you see Tank out retrieving balls, ask him for one as I’m sure he will want to play fetch with you too. 

Tank is proud of his balls he retrieved