Fire Department

In 1959, the Pleasant Hill Fire Department had approximately 15 volunteers and received less than 100 calls per year. In 1962, the department acquired its first fire truck, which was the most up-to-date truck available.  
Fire truck
The Pleasant Hill Fire Department was run by paid volunteers until 2015 when Chief Solberg brought forth a proposal to hire part-time daytime staff between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daytime staff was needed due to the influx of calls.  Having part-time staff at the station during the day has decreased response times below five minutes. Quick response times certainly make a difference during emergency situations. 

To date, the department has received 1,017 calls and now has 45 paid on-call volunteers and part-time staff. As you can see this is a significant increase in calls from 1959!  

Chief Solberg has been with the City for two years. In two years, he has made significant improvements and enhancements including the storage of supplies, inventory control, security of medications and controlled drug accountability. The medical supplies the department needs is now inventoried and the department has a medical vending machine, which can only be accessed using an ID. This helps ensure the drugs are kept safe and on-hand when needed for emergencies. 

Keeping things organized in the fire house is important to ensure the firefighters can quickly get their attire on and get heading to the call. New bunker gear racks were recently installed on the walls to provide safe storage and extra room in the apparatus area. 
Bucker racks_fire department
To ensure our trucks and the equipment on them are working properly, ladder testing and certification is performed annually. Over the years, great improvements have been made within the department and Chief Solberg certainly enjoys working with the paid on-call volunteers and part-time staff. 

This year, (ePCR) Electronic Patient Care Reporting was implemented. It allows the Paramedics and EMT’s to chart patient information and care on computer tablets during the time of an incident. This program enhances the level of documentation and care the patient receives. The program was partially funded by a Facebook grant. 

The Fire Department truly enjoys getting to know those within the community through events including Easter Egg Hunt, Pleasant Hill on Wheels, and the annual pancake breakfast.