Doanes Park Improvements

The City of Pleasant Hill takes great pride in our City parks. Recent improvements made to the concession stand and garage at Doanes Park will increase usability and aesthetics for those visiting and utilizing these spaces.

“As a community, we want to ensure visitors are seeing our parks as a place they want to come back to,” said Parks & Recreation Manager Rick Courcier. “We take great pride in maintaining clean usable space within our City parks throughout the year. The Doanes Park concession stand and garage upgrades are big improvements, and we certainly hope the community can enjoy them for years to come.”

It took hundreds of volunteer hours to have it ready for the Little League season. The City is grateful for the commitment and contributions made by the Little League and local donations to make the concession stand a great place for volunteers to work and for visitors to enjoy a delicious snack during a little league game.

Improvements made to the concession stand include:
  • New service window
  • New counter-tops and cabinets
  • Insulation in the walls and ceiling to conserve energy
  • Replacement of drywall
  • New heating and air conditioning unit
  • Upgraded electrical and plumbing to meet City code
  • New flooring
  • Bright new paint colors
We encourage you to see the new improvements firsthand the next time you visit Doanes Park.

Concession stand before improvements were made to the exterior.

Concession Stand Before

Concession stand after some improvements were made to the exterior.

Concession StandAfter

New counter-tops, cabinets, paint and flooring inside the concession stand at Doanes Park.