Community Policing

Community policing is an ideology in which the primary organizational goal is to work cooperatively with citizens and organizations to identify and resolve issues, which could potentially affect the quality of life within our neighborhoods, businesses, or the city as a whole.

Community policing is a strategic response in the prevention, identification, and intervention of community issues before they become bigger problems.  Our Officers are encouraged to develop and maintain relationships with citizens, businesses, schools, and community organizations. The territories created will facilitate the partnership between the residents of Pleasant Hill and the Officers who serve them.  Each officer is assigned to a specific territory within the city.  Pleasant Hill Police Officers establish and maintain day-to-day interaction with residents and businesses within their territories to be proactive and prevent crime and other quality of life issues before they happen.

Please use the maps provided to determine the territory that serves you to partner with your Police Department to continue the high quality of life we have all become accustom to.  If you see something or need our assistance please use the link below to submit a form to your territory Officer. 

The map below displays the three territories for the City of Pleasant Hill.

Community Policing Territories for the City of Pleasant Hill
Click on an image below to view the territory. If you see something or need our assistance, please use this form to reach out to your territory Officer.
Click here to submit a concern to the Police Department regarding your territory.

Territory 1: Businesses including Hy-Vee and the Copper Creek neighborhood.

Plesant Hill Police Territory 1

Territory 2: East Oakwood and Fairview Drive and extending to the southern portion of the city.

Pleasant Hill Police Territory 2T2

Territory 3: NE 56th Street to the eastern portion of the city.

Pleasant Hill Police Territory 3T3