About the columbarium

The Oakwood Cemetery’s new columbarium is a new and affordable way to say goodbye to loved ones.

The columbarium features four horizontal rows of niches and is 12-feet in length with 32 flower vases on each side. The structure is fabricated from granite, with 64 spots for urns. The columbarium is located on the northwest edge of the cemetery.

Columbarium Brochure

Fees for the columbarium:

Single niche fees (includes one vase)

- Resident: $1,100

- Non-Resident: $1,400

Companion niche fees (includes two vases)

- Resident: $1,900

- Non-Resident: $2,700

Open/close fee of niche

(included in purchase price)

Niche engraving

- Contact McCall Monument @ 515-270-1917

   to arrange engraving and pay them directly.

- Prices start at $175, subject to change.

For information on how to purchase a columbarium niche, call City Clerk's office at 515-262-9368.