School Resource Officers

Collaboration between law enforcement officers and schools is an important step in increasing school safety. Having law enforcement officers involved with schools, stems from the practice of community policing. Community policing utilizes the assistance of community members for identifying and prioritizing problems and developing solutions. The school community may involve the following: superintendents, administrators, principals and assistant principals, teachers and assistants, counselors, school nurses, school social workers and psychologists, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance and cafeteria personnel, students and parents. In a School Resource Officer program the members of the school community partner with the law enforcement officers assigned to their school to create a setting that is safe and secure, with a focus on prevention and early intervention activities.

Law Enforcement Services Agreement

The law enforcement services agreement is made and entered into by and between the City of Pleasant Hill and the Southeast Polk Community School District. To review the law enforcement services agreement, click here.

Annual SRO Report

Each year, an annual report is prepared to inform police personnel, school administration, and city administration on reported activities involving Pleasant Hill Police officers employed at SROs for Southeast Polk School District. The 2015/16 report defines activities and statistics involving Southeast Polk students and the responsibilities of the SRO. Click here to review the report (PDF).