Friends of the Library


The Friends of the Pleasant Hill Public Library annual membership drive is starting. If you are already a member, watch your mail for a renewal letter. If you have never joined, please consider supporting the Friends. Through their efforts the library has added many DVDs and well as Books on CD. The Friends have also supported programming offered at the library and bought computers and other equipment for patron use.  During our renovation this past summer, they contributed $5,000 to help offset costs! Below is a membership form for the Friends



  • First Tuesday in March, June, September, and December
  • Library
    5151 Maple Dr.
    Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

October 2018

Each year, thousands of people utilize the facilities and resources of the Pleasant Hill Public Library – including more than 50,000 books, many periodicals, Books on CD, DVDs to check out; computers available for use and many educational programs and activities.

Most of the expenses for resource materials, building maintenance, and staff salaries are provided by tax dollars from the city. Not everything however can be funded through these sources. That is where the Friends of the Library step in.

The Friends are a group of people and some local businesses that have a strong interest in the library and who are willing to provide additional financial support to enhance the library’s service to the community. In recent years they have bought furnishings, computers, Books on CD, DVDs, a popcorn machine and have provided money for children’s Halloween and Christmas parties. We also provide the movie and popcorn for the monthly “popcorn and movie night”.


In addition to assisting financially, they are active in promoting the library in the community. They also operate a book sale of surplus books to generate funds, help maintain the grounds, and provide other useful services. Items for sale are located far right side (west) side of the library by the study rooms.

While our present team of Friends is highly valued, we would always like to add new individual/business members and their input. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis at the library. The next meeting will be December with time to be determined. Please call 515-266-7815 for the time for this meeting.

The Friends group is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization and is eligible for employer matching funds and is tax deductible. Commitments are for a year at a time. We hope you complete the form below and mail it with your check, or drop them off at the library. Your participation will be greatly appreciated!

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Friends of the Library New Membership and Renewal From

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