Permits & Applications

General Permit Requirements

Properties located outside of Pleasant Hill city limits fall under Polk County permitting rules and regulations.  For more information regarding Polk County ordinances and permit requirements, please contact the Polk County Building Department at 515-286-3705.  To check property jurisdiction visit the Polk County Assessor’s website.

The City of Pleasant Hill requires various permits for many activities.  Most building permits require construction plans or drawings that show how your proposal meets applicable code provisions. The complexity of the drawings depends on the project, from basic fence and shed layouts to multi-page architectural drawings for new houses.  Additional information about permits and supportive documentation may be obtained by contacting the Building Department at 515-309-9461.  

Permit applications are available at the Building Department; located on the lower level of City Hall or electronically on the City’s website. Permits and accompanying documents may be submitted electronically via email to the Building Department.

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Basic Permit Drawings Examples

Fence Drawing Example
Shed Drawing Example

When and What Permits are Required?

  • Building Permit - required when any building or structure, such as a home, basement, deck, attached and detached garage, shed, etc., is erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, improved, converted or demolished.
    • Building Permit Exceptions - work must still conform to code.
      • Residential accessory buildings with an area of 40 square feet or less. Must conform to setback requirements, regardless of size.
      • Replacement of decking boards, only if no structural changes are made.
      • Movable cases, counters and partitions not over 5ft in height.
      • Painting, papering, wallboard repair and similar finish work.
      • Re-roofing, new windows, non-fire doors; only if no structural/size changes are made.
  • Accessory Building/Shed Permit – One story detached residential accessory buildings used as tool sheds, playhouses or similar uses over 40 square feet.  
    • Must conform to setback, easement, and height requirements
    • Structures 720 square feet and larger are required to have frost footings and inspections as listed for garages.
  • Electrical Permit - Limited exceptions apply; all work must conform to code.
  • Mechanical Permit - Limited exceptions apply; all work must conform to code.
  • Plumbing Permit - Limited exceptions apply; all work must conform to code.
  • Fence Permit - required for all residential and commercial installations, with limited exceptions.
    • Must conform to setback, easement, and height requirements
    • Repairs require a permit when one or both of the following are needed:
    • 40% or more of the fence is removed or replaced. 
    • Location and/or height of the existing fence is changed.
  • Driveway Approach Permit - required for the removal of any part of any curb along the edge of any traveled way, or for the removal, replacement or construction of a permanent or temporary driveway approach.  A permit is not needed if for the portion of driveway not in the public right-of-way or sidewalk areas.
  • Sidewalk Permit -  required for the construction, repair, reconstruction or removal of sidewalk on public property.
  • Sign Permit  - Limited exceptions apply and must conform with setbacks.  Any sign placed in the right-of-way will be subject to confiscation.
  • Pool Permit - required for construction, installation, alteration, addition or remodeling of a pool exceeding 18 inches in depth.
    • All outdoor pools 18 inches or deeper need to be completely surrounded by non-climbable fence. 
    • Fence must be not less than 54 inches, located at least 4ft from each side of the pool, and have posts no more than 10ft apart. 
    • All gates and openings to the pool area must be self-closing and self-latching.
  • Street Excavation/Right-of-Way Permit - required to excavate in, or obstruct the free and open passage over a specified City right‐of‐way. 
    • Insurance and penal bond required. 
    • A street/lane closure notice will need to be submitted and approved when lane or street closures are needed, prior to any closure.