City of Pleasant Hill

Posted on: May 9, 2017

Grass clippings and height

Grass Clippings

The City of Pleasant Hill would like to remind all citizens that it is unlawful to dispose of or blow grass clippings onto the street or sidewalk. Blowing grass into the street clogs the city's storm sewer and can cause costly cleanup to the city as well as being unsightly for the community. Any debris that is placed into the City streets potentially ends up in the storm drains and pollutes our waterways.  (See Section 101.02)

The City’s ordinance concerning grass height, before it becomes a nuisance, is eighteen (18) inches, meaning that any "weeds, grasses or worthless vegetation" left to grow higher may result in the city having the nuisance area mowed, with all costs, plus administrative fees, assess to the owner of the property. (See Section 154)

Both of these issues are a municipal code violation. Questions regarding a violation can be directed to the city's Community Development Department at 515-262-9368.

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