City of Pleasant Hill

Posted on: November 21, 2016

Body Cameras Will Increase Transparency for the Police Department

Photo of Body Camera for Pleasant Hill Police Department

The Pleasant Hill Police Department has joined the growing list of law enforcement agencies by outfitting officers with WatchGuard body cameras. The new body cameras will increase police transparency and accountability for citizens within our community.

“The body cameras, which will be worn as part of our officers’ uniforms, will enhance the level of trust the police department has built with the community we serve,” said Police Chief Al Pizzano. “Our department researched a number of different camera products and created a policy to ensure we continue improving safety and service to residents. Now more than ever, the cameras will provide a transparency that improves the trust the community has in its police department.”

The WatchGuard body cameras can store up to nine hours of straight recording and they each have a 10-12 hour stand-by battery life. The 4RE® HD Panoramic in-car video system and the VISTA®WiFi body-worn cameras will work seamlessly as a single system; capturing synchronized video from multiple vantage points. This will not only improve safety of our officers, but during a critical incident, the video recordings will provide an unbiased account and help eliminate the he-said-she said. As the City continues to grow, the Police Department is committed to improving safety and quality of life within our community while building trust between our officers and the citizens we serve.

WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of video evidence systems and they provide video for over one-third of law enforcement agencies. WatchGuard is committed to advancing the technology of video evidence for law enforcement.

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