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Posted on: July 1, 2016

Pleasant Hill Police Department Offers Burglary Prevention Tips

burglary safety tips

Over the past few days, Pleasant Hill and other surrounding communities have experienced a rash of car burglaries during the overnight hours. Burglars see unlocked vehicles and homes as a target opportunity – don’t let it be you!

“Many of these types of burglaries can be prevented by removing keys, your wallet or purse, and other personal property from your vehicle.  Also ensure you lock your vehicle and close your garage door at night. As we approach a busy holiday weekend, we will ensure our community is safe, but we need residents to take extra precautions by locking up their property. If citizens see something suspicious, they are urged to contact the police,” said Police Chief Al Pizzano.
Burglary prevention tips to keep your home and vehicles safe:

  • Lock your vehicle when your car is in your driveway and garage and hide any valuable items so they are not visible. 
  • Do not leave personal items in your vehicle
  • Close your garage door when you get home and when it’s not in use. If left open, this is a 20 foot wide free opening for thieves to take whatever is in sight.  
  • Lock the door from the garage to the house. If a burglar were to get into your garage, they couldn’t enter your home. 
  • Keep your gates locked. Burglars prefer not to climb fences – they would rather be discreet. 
  • If you have an alarm system, use it! An alarm system ensures your home is safe while you are away. You can even turn it on while you are home, as many alarms have a “stay” feature. 
  • Ask a neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your home while you are away. You can also notify the police you will be away by filling out a vacation watch request form. The police will attempt to drive by your home to ensure your property is safe while you are gone. 
  • Arrange to have mail picked up or held by the post office. Also stop any newspaper delivers and ask a neighbor to watch your front door for deliveries.
  • Keep your travels off social media until returning. While it may be tempting to post photos on social media, consider holding off until you are home. Those you are connected to online are typically friends, but you never know if a friend of a friend will see your status, which makes your home vulnerable.
  • Do not hide a spare key. Never hide a key outside because this is like handing your keys over to an intruder. Burglars will look in standard places such as; a conspicuous plastic rock, under the mat, or above the door.  

If you report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department immediately at 515-286-3333. 

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